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We want to inspire kids and give families ideas on how to have fun and play at home as well. It's all about getting more and more comfortable and confident with the ball at their feet! Use the homework card below and video links to help your little one practice the moves at home! As a progression, once they can do the move, have them do it while dribbling and then have them do it while dribbling and then shooting. Try it with them and have FUN!

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Parents always ask us what they can do at home with their kids to help them improve their soccer skills. Click on the 1,2,3 Picture above and get a FREE Play at Home Games Guide full of fun ideas to help increase your child's confidence and creativity on the soccer field.

Have FUN!

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Legends- The Next Step- 1 Minute Skillz Challenge

Track Your Progress

For our Legends players, we will be using our Legends 1 Minute Skillz Challenge to Reward Progress and encourage the kids to practice on their own and work hard at practice. We will have them try a few at practice and have prizes for the top players at the end of the season. We will also time them again during Future Seasons to see how much they've improved. If they practice on their own and they don't time it or have the exact set up that is okay. As long as they are practicing the basic skills of juggling, moves, dribbling, passing and shooting, the should improve in the timed challenges. It should be a fun challenge for them!

Legends 1 Minute Skillz Challenge

Level 1- Beginner

1. Juggling- keep ball up in air using right foot, left foot, right thigh or left thigh: see how many consecutive juggles you can get in 1 minute with no bounces and no hands. Start count over if ball bounces or hands are used. 

2. Fakes and Moves- see how many of the following moves you can do in 1 minute, 1 point for each move: L, V, Stepover, Scissors, Cruyff Turn 

 * "L" Sole Roll- use bottom of foot (cleats) to roll the ball from one foot to the other across the front of your body, then touch it forward with the other foot 

* 2 Footed "V", Puska- pull the ball back with the bottom of one foot at an angle to the other foot, then push the ball forward with the outside of the other foot at the opposite angle creating a V 

* Step Over- Stand with the ball in front of and in the middle of both feet. Rapidly bring one foot across the front of the ball as if to pass with the inside of the foot, step down and then play the ball away with the outside of the same foot in the opposite direction. 

* Scissors- Starting with the ball to one side, fake an outside of the foot pass and step over ball or in front of ball so that the ball ends up on the other side of you. Take the ball in the opposite direction with the outside of the other foot. 

* Cruyff Turn- Push the ball forward, fake kick with inside of foot, but instead pull ball behind the standing leg and change directions. 

3. Dribbling- 10 cones in a line 2 feet apart, dribble in between and up and down line for 1 minute: 1 line of 10 cones= 1 point, each additional cone= .1 point, missed cone= -.5 points 

Skillz dribbling.jpg

4. Passing- 1 tall cone in the middle of a 6 yard diameter circle, see how many times you can knock down tall cone in 1 minute outside of circle (3 yard passes all around cone, 1 ball is used and player must keep retrieving same ball and stand cone back up if knocked over) 1 point for knocking down tall cone outside of circle. 

5. Shooting- using laces, see how many shots you can make in a 12' x 6' goal in 1 minute from 10 yards out, ball must be on ground and stationary when shooting: 1 point for goal on ground or bounced in to goal, 2 points for goal that hits back of net on a fly, player must use 1 ball the whole time and get any made or missed shots and bring it back to 10 yard mark.

Skillz shooting.jpg